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What's it like to work here?

Ever since we began in 2012, In-Situ has been exploring different ways of working as a team that is a bit different to most workplaces. This now includes things like a flat pay rate*, consensus decision making, using coaching methodology in place of management, non-hierarchical job titles and the idea of 'Fluid Leadership', which allows space for individual development and working with people's strengths and interests. We also give one week every year for each team member to conduct their own research around their practice. 

We try and build questioning and enquiry into what we do so we're constantly re-evaluating the way we do things. This includes being upfront and sharing our learning about the challenges of this practice as well as the plus points. We don't claim to have the answers, but we believe in working towards creating an inclusive working environment that values everyone equally, along every step of our work, all the time.
* As of April 2024 this is £30,686 pro rata, excluding graduate trainees who are paid at living wage. 

We made a series of films called 'Fluid Structures' to explore this further. If you're thinking of working with us, or interested in similar things, you might find these useful. 

The first talks through the basics of the way the organisation is structured. (6 mins) 
Through the experiences and observations of team members, film two explores the challenges and benefits of working in this way, and asks questions that we as an organisation might take forward, which may also be of interest to consider if you are thinking about exploring new ways of working. (13 mins)
The third film in this series explores questions of being present; with one another and within the community. Members of the team share their experiences of working across art practice and community work and within an embedded context, in which staff may also be residents in the locale, in which much of the work goes unseen.

The film raises questions around inclusivity in an interdisciplinary practice that values all contributions equally, and of boundaries and heathy ways of working when using values-based methodologies. (10 mins)
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