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This is Nelson have launched a new programme: PRINT! 

PRINT! is a new programme of seasonal art and graphic commissions that incorporate print to energise the town centre and reflect life in Nelson. 

To get us started, we have asked designer Ashleigh Armitage,  in collaboration with Laura Mansfield, to interpret and illustrate what's been happening so far this year through This Is Nelson. An insight into the process written by Ashleigh and Laura can be read below:

"Reflecting on 'Nelson Reimagined', which actively engaged diverse local residents and sought to gather individuals’ thoughts, input and reflections on what and how a sustainable Nelson might manifest. The design process began to centre upon a series of single words that could act as prompts or calls to action. These prompts embody something of the core of the Nelson Reimagined programme and its drive to encourage communities to embrace and take ownership of the public spaces of Nelson, as well as to imagine their future potential.

Coupled with undulating shapes and vibrant colours, the singular words invite passers-by to explore and reconsider their immediate surroundings. To look and look again at their everyday - to take pleasure in, question and reflect upon what they see. 

As a result, you might notice something you had not previously. 

Maybe you start a conversation. 

Maybe you see the potential for something unused to become active. 

Maybe you begin to value something you had regularly overlooked:

the shapes of windows, the details on brickwork, a disused bus stop, the circles in iron railings, the flooring of the bus station, the green shoots between paving stones. 

All of these are sites of future potential - spaces for conversation, community, growing and play.

The placement and location of the vinyls and posters has been considered in direct response to conversations held with Nelson residents and artist Michael Powell during which a number of locations were identified and a playful mapping of the town undertaken. The large visual displays on building windows come hand in hand with a series of small free-standing coloured signs which can act as a trail and alternative way to playfully navigate the familiar town centre." 

Take a look at the videos below to connect Ashleigh's designs to what's happened on our artist-led strand, Nelson Reimagined, so far. Below are the questions we are asking ourselves, and others, as we programme the upcoming year...

How can we REIMAGINE 
Nelson together?

Nelson Reimagined: Interdisciplinary Conversation #1 with Kathrin Böhm (Nov 2023)

Nelson Reimagined: Dana Olărescu
Artist Sharing Weekend, April 2023

What can we GROW sustainably in Nelson?

Nelson Reimagined: Interdisciplinary Conversation #2 with Owen Griffiths and Arif Khan (Feb 2023)

How do we
co-operative spirit?

Nelson Reimagined: Dr. Samantha Jones
Artist Sharing Weekend, April 2023

Nelson Reimagined: Interdisciplinary Conversation #3 with Keir Milburn and Sue Nike (April 2023)

Where should we LOOK to uncover Nelson's POTENTIAL?

Nelson Reimagined: Michael Powell
Artist Sharing Weekend, April 2023

Nelson Reimagined: Andy Abbott
Artist Sharing Weekend, April 2023

How do we shape THE FUTURE
of work here?

Can we WANDER together to find a new path?

Nelson Reimagined: Kristina Borg
Artist Sharing Weekend, April 2023


Palette Cleansing Thinking
Dana Olărescu


Guided by Water
Kristina Borg

This Is Nelson is the arts & culture strand of the Nelson Town Deal.

Nelson Reimagined is our artist-led strand, curated by Andy Abbott.


There is plenty of opportunity for you to get involved in ways big and small! Email to find out more.


You can also follow us on socials: 

Instagram: @t_is_nelson


Twitter: @This_is_Nelson

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