In-Situ is an embedded arts organisation based in Pendle, Lancashire. In-Situ’s vision is for art to be part of everyday life; for our art to be an art of action; for our art to contribute to society as a whole; for our art to challenge current thinking about environment, people, place, and culture. 


Founded in 2012, In-Situ works alongside the local community to create visible, self-sustaining art and culture, through a range of collaborative artworks, events, local and international artist residencies and partnerships with other organisations.

We work by being present in our locality, building long-term relationships in the community that enable understanding of local needs, interests and values. Our work is a reciprocal exchange; we host artists and practitioners and the community hosts us. We are creating an art of relationships that derives from chance meetings and the people living here. 


We draw on and create new global connections. We host international artists and work made in this locality is seen around the world.  And our hosts in this place are its indigenous and diaspora communities. 


We work in partnership to create spaces and opportunities to promote talking, dialogue, understanding and collective effort. We encourage an intercultural exchange of ideas from a starting position of common ground, in which we are all equal and valued. We incorporate many voices. 


Drawing on a radical past, we are imagining futures, sharing approaches that are innovative, curious, questioning, political, pushing boundaries and tackling taboos. We ask what is possible, and how can we make this happen?  

Our Team

Associate Artists



Andrew Sharp (Chair)

 Paul Hartley

Kerry Morrison

William Titley

 Hussnain Hanif

 Elena Gifford

Jane Lawson

Our Ethics

In-Situ practices within a stated code of ethics: a set of principles or considerations that inform how we work with others and the environment.

Read Our Ethics Policy Here

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Company number 08274679

The Garage
Northlight, Glen Way,

Brierfield, Nelson,


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