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Our vision is for art to be part of everyday life; for our art to be an art of action; for our art to contribute to society as a whole; for our art to challenge current thinking about environment, people, place and culture.

Our work takes place in many settings, libraries and supermarkets, Pendle Hill and surrounding villages, in homes and schools, on pavements and in parks.

Founded in 2012, we work in an embedded way, through the formation of longterm relationships and dialogue. We explore how creative practices and artists approaches can enhance and facilitate community, societal and environmental, interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue and through the co-creation of visible, self-sustaining art and culture.

Our aim is to bring about social and environmental change in Pendle, addressing inequalities, lack of provision and the need to support creative development and sustainable futures.

How we work

Intercultural conversations that promote deeper understanding and equality, as well as ensuring the relevance of our programme to the communities in which we work.

A non-hierarchical ethos, with a flat pay structure and flexible and respectful work environment in which we are collectively building the way we work, underpinned by a code of ethics.

Giving artists space and time and a context in which to work.

Supporting creative learning and opportunities for artists, freelancers, volunteers and young people to gain skills and experience.
A ‘Yes and…’ approach to creative ideas, rather than a ‘Yes but…’.

Being experimental, open, slow and process-led. We learn and are led by what happens and we share this learning.

Embedded practice - artists and practitioners are part of a long term dialogue with residents, partners, businesses and specialists.

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