Thinking out Loud is an experimental project for supporting and sharing writing on our practice. We want to create opportunities for a multitude of voices linked to, or through our work to write and share as part of an evolving collection.


From long-term community collaborators and participants; local residents, team and Board members; from artists and writers to practitioners of intersecting disciplines, we are gathering an accumulation of critical, contextual, personal, narrative or experimental, long or short-form thinking.

Thinking Out Loud is initially taking the form of quarterly themed commissions that explore our practice from particular unique, personal or professional perspectives.


These will be shared online, and evolve in dialogue with local communities. We hope that the accumulation will act as a platform for embedded criticality across the In-Situ and communities, reflecting back on our projects, methodology and code of ethics in real life.


The platform offers a multi-way discussion and exploration, that considers our work in terms of everyday lived experience, wider thinking and diverse historic and contemporary practices.


It is a place of testing ideas and thinking, reflecting and finding a shared language for relating and describing to an embedded art practice and raise questions around strands of thought, intentions and ways of working.


We are interested in creating pathways for people to reflect on embedded art from a non-academic perspective in which the critical frame is not solely the Western canon but might also be our lived, bodily, spiritual, professional and social experiences.


Over time, we hope to explore and create ways to break down hierarchies around who talks about art - creating an embedded approach to art writing about art in everyday life. Thinking Out Loud aims to develop confidence in writing and articulating ideas and opinions about art and its role in society within the organisation and within the community, by supporting a wide range of people through the process of exploring ideas as text.

We hope that, in opening up individual experiences and challenges, collective learning and practical and critical tensions, it will ultimately consider the possibilities for an art of action, for connecting people and place, for an anti-hierarchical embedded practice that intersects with hierarchical social structures in order to operate, engage in expanded discussion about the social role of art in Pendle.


Part 1: Art in Everyday Life

(April 2021)

Four varied pieces of writing exploring structural hierarchies and embedded practice. Together they explore the tensions between face-to-face and digital working with communities during the pandemic and defining embedded practice based on the condition of being present. It will focus mainly on the pandemic programme, looking at detached youth work, a health project for Pendle residents and moving community conversations on to Zoom.


We also hear about learning that occurs when disciplines come together or settings change, and the possibility for change around particular inequalities as a result.


This will be followed up by a Talkaoke discussion between writers and communities and artists featured in the projects discussed around the theme of hierarchies and social art. 

Read >>>> writing by William Titley, Siobhan Forshaw, Anam Elahi and Calum Bayne

Coming soon

Part 2: Where we Meet / Connecting with the Hill and the non-human  (June 2021)

The second edition will launch at the end of June. This edition will focus on the natural environment and ask questions around access to landscape, to thinking about landscape, to whose stories are told through landscape and the extent to which In-Situ has been able to meet its goal of˜connecting the two sides of the hill through art. It will also look at the Peat Pie as an intercultural product to share awareness of importance of peat restoration.