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Our team working is underpinned by an ethos of equal value and equal say.

This allows for fluidity of leadership and roles as well as a responsive, collaborative, and open-minded approach.

We work with a process of consensus decision making, and have a flat pay structure.  

Meet the Team

Aaminah Kausar

Engagement and Participation
Working on This is Nelson as a trainee, supporting engagement across all the projects including the Yes Hub activities with young people, artist residencies within the community, Community Assemblies and growing projects at Hodge House. 

Anna Taylor 

Critical Engagement 
Developing films, writing and conversations that explore our programme and ask questions of our practice. Looping this back into programming, policy and organisational learning. Anna also looks after the Art Library, website and supports staff research weeks. 

Ayesha Butt

Operations and Administration
Overseeing and organising our reporting, policies and admin systems and designing processes to help with this. Managing our files, documentation and IT. Looking after The Garage administration, room bookings and B&B and training in finance. 

Calum Bayne 

Programme and Practice
Calum coordinates projects, artist residencies and on the ground activities for This is Nelson as well as developing Anything, here., a programme supporting East Lancs artists. His role includes programme research and developing networks.

Courtney Wright

Taking care of all our finance and accounting, supporting budgets and cashflow, paying invoices, creating management accounts and reporting to the Board and funders.

Helen Bartosinski

Marketing and Communications
Coordinating project and strategic communications for In-Situ and This is Nelson, including social media, press and PR and overseeing our branding and design. 

Paul Hartley 

Organisation and Development
Coordinating strategic relationships across Pendle and overseeing team development, policy, training, recruitment and building management. Paul also sits on our Board as co-founder of In-Situ. 

Sophie Mahon

Partnership Programmes 
Developing a new art and ecology partnership project in a rural setting that follows on from The Gatherings. Sophie also works on Creative Careers activities with school and colleges. 

Zoya Bhatti

Engagement and Participation
Coordinating and delivering young people's programmes including Yes and... and developing work with women and families in Pendle through the newly established Hillo Hub. 

Our Board


Andrew Sharp

Elena Gifford

Hussnain Hanif

Lindsey West

Paul Hartley

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