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Nelson Overheard

Nelson Overheard is a new artist commission for the Nelson Re-imagined strand of This is Nelson.

Over the next few months, artists Rob St John and Tommy Perman will be inviting local people to get involved in researching and recording soundscapes of the lesser known parts of Nelson to create a sound map of the town.
Click here to visit the Nelson Overheard sound map (opens in a new window).
We are creating a sound map of Nelson – and we need your help!
Tell us about a place in Nelson that is somehow overlooked: if we listened there what might we overhear?
Make a sound recording on your phone or tablet and send it to us. 
We want to hear birdsong, voices, music, weather, buildings, games, laughter – anything that celebrates everyday life in Nelson.
Tell us where you made the recording and why: this will help us map the unique sounds that make Nelson special.
You can send your sounds to: or via WhatsApp on: 07508902008
The sounds you send us will be added to the sound map to create a growing archive of the sounds of Nelson.

Recordings will be uploaded to Freesound and the Nelson Overheard sound map under a Creative Commons licence.
You can download all of the sounds from the map and use them in any way you wish from here:
Nelson Overheard Poster A3 (v2) copy.jpg
Download a 
PDF version
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