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Unlocked (2013) and Light Touch (2014)

Unlocked and Light Touch were two weekends of installations, performances and exhibitions in Brierfield (Northlight) Mill, showcasing the work of international and local emerging artists. These projects are highlights from a period of sustained creative activity at Brierfield (Northlight) Mill, through which In-Situ re-introduced the abandoned mill to the community.


When the industry left Brierfield Mill, the work and interconnected social life that held communities together vanished and community connectivity began to dissolve. In-Situ re-introduced the physical space to the lives of community members, who had held on to vivid memories and stories of the mill throughout its time of disuse.

Beginning during its interim state as a testbed for innovative, site-specific installations that integrated sound, visuals and live performance, we sought to provide experiences that resonated with the building, its history and potential. This work, which has continued throughout our programme, has been crucial to the re-development of the mill and its contemporary use.

Unlocked featured a performance by In-Situ Co-Founder Kerry Morrison, as she cleaned tiles across the site. It also exhibited an interactive timeline of Brierfield by artist Jane Lawson. A highlight of Unlocked was the creation of an edible mill - by local chef Gill Watson.

Light Touch coincided with a heritage open weekend and hosted work by Mike Chavez-Dawson, Nayan Kulkarni, Helmut Lemke and Autumn Knight.

Delivered in partnership with Super Slow Way, Pearl, Mid Pennine Arts, Arts Council England and Lancashire County Council

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