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The Shop

“A new creative space where interaction with exciting and inspiring artists, Nelson will position itself as a diverse and enticing place, unlike any other. Working with local businesses, Pendle Borough Council, the Portas Pilot scheme, and the community at large, what was an empty shop has been transformed into a creative environment, where our artists-in-residence respond to the space, the surroundings, and the people, to create artwork directly inspired by the heart of Nelson.” - The SHOP Manifesto

Originally occupied by Kirsty Leads and Helen Oxley, who were selling vintage clothes and furniture, then intern Elly Langlois led In-Situ’s development of The Shop into a creative hub and salvage food cafe. The Shop was a community space, hosting public events, studio units used by artists and makers, and a radio project. 

Artists who carried out in-situ residencies from the shop include: Reet So, Lydia Cottrell and David Armes.
(The Old Post Office, The Victory Centre, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 9UP)

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