During lockdown we are creating a digital space for shared conversations around themes affecting our community during the Covid-19 crisis.

Talking Society is an intercultural community programme and social campaign co-created by Building Bridges Pendle and In-Situ with The People Speak. 


We work in close partnership to enable dialogue in our communities through creation of events and programmes where people’s views about varied aspects of life; history, heritage, community, family, environment, spirituality, politics and individual experiences are shared.

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Our activities focus on conversion and celebrating the multi-cultural and diverse landscape of Pendle; as well as our history and shared ambitions for the future. 


Talking Society creates


Shared social spaces that bring people together.  

Discussions on commonalities but also on ‘topical and difficult’ questions which impact on attitudes of intolerance, hatred and social division. 

A platform from where local people can take local action; creating neighbourhood networks to make a difference.


The demographics and socio-economic factors of Pendle are linked to our communities being marginalised and polarised; therefore further adding to local communities living in a parallel society. 


The driving force for Building Bridges Pendle and In-Situ in creating the Talking Society is for it to become a movement; on the basis that any aspect of personal or community development has to begin by talking to each to other.

Talking Society is an intercultural community programme co-created by Building Bridges and In-Situ.

Talkaoke is the creation of artist Mikey Weingove of The People Speak. We work with Talkaoke to facilitate Talking Society.

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