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Shift incl. Recorded Soul (2012-15)

In-Situ first visited Project Row Houses, an internationally renowned arts project based in Houston, Texas, in 2011. We took a group including residents, a community worker, a youth worker, two teachers and a young person. In-Situ was then asked to take part in their artist in residence programme and take over a PRH art house for six months, culminating in the installation and use of a library in the 2515 Holman art house space.


At the time, In-Situ was working from a shared space at the local library in Pendle, which lead to our exploration of alternative uses of a public space as part of linking the 2515 Holman art house space and their permanent space in Pendle, England. Paul Hartley (In-Situ) and David Ridehalg (Pendle Library Manager) were on hand to meet and greet visitors.

This project was funded by - Arts Council England and Lancashire County Council

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