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Motivated to challenge public perceptions of art and to introduce socially engaged practices to new audiences, In-situ organised regular In-conversation events led by artists, arts organisations, and local government officials. Taking place at the local library, over tea and biscuits, In-Conversation was free and open to all; anyone could walk in. We wanted to have public conversations around what art is, and can be, expanding our understandings beyond traditional painting, sculpture and exhibition-making. Sessions ranged from Can Plants Anticipate the Future?, led by then artist-in-residence Alice Rutherford, to chats as we walked together up Pendle Hill. It was through these sessions that we met Hussnain Hanif, who has played a pivotal role in the success of our public programme and is now a Board Member.

Talkers included: Jane Lawson, Beth Derbyshire, Jeni McConnell, Helmut Lemke, Alice Rutherford, Amy Pennington, Stephanie Hawkes, Ian Broadley, Cath Ford, Elaine Speight, Ben Jones, Phillipe Handford, William Titley, Franny George, Chris Davies, Kerry Morrison, Risham Syed, Zaineb Siddiqui and Paul Kelly.

This project was funded by -  Arts Council England 

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