We are embedding art into everyday life.
Based in Pendle, we work in relationship with people and place through art and creativity.

Together we are thinking about alternative futures, connectedness and greater equality.

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Our vision is for art to be part of everyday life; for our art to be an art of action; for our art to contribute to society as a whole; for our art to challenge current thinking about environment, people, place and culture.

We are working slowly and longterm as part of the community to bring about social and environmental change in Pendle, addressing inequalities, lack of provision and the need to support creative development and sustainable futures.

How We Work
Our embedded practice takes place in everyday life. It begins by existing in the community, having conversations that turn into bigger ideas, which we develop with the people that voiced them.
This is a slow and open ended process. We are excited to see how dialogue with artists, a non-hierarchical ethos and “Yes and…” thinking can positively shape what comes next in Pendle.

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Thinking Out Loud

The latest shared ideas, experiences, thoughts 
and research from people connected as part of our practice 

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