Covid is requiring us all to continually adapt quickly; as organisations, audiences and as practitioners and as individuals. 
Testing Ground is an experimental platform where we can test new ways of working in a time where geography, access and engagement are considerably altered. 

Announcing 8 new artists working with In-Situ, we are very excited to announce a brilliant line up of artists and practitioners selected for our Testing Ground residencies. In the end, we were able to double the number of paid opportunities available, so we now have 8 people working with us between November 2020 - March 2021. 

The list represents a mixture of established and early-career artists based predominately in the North, with some joining us from elsewhere in the UK.  Each artist will receive a fee to undertake a properly funded residency with In-Situ for one week, working on The Gatherings programme and exploring people and place.


This is an opportunity to experiment with support from the In-Situ team and an opportunity to feed into the community we are embedded in - both directly and in less direct ways.


The proposed projects are diverse in their approach, including journalism, dance, audio, illustration and geography. 

Here’s the line up: 


Christian Bell

Reflecting on the challenges exasperated by Lockdown that young people face, Christian Bell, an artist based in Nelson, looks to create opportunities for collective thinking inspired by Pendle’s rich history.














Image Credit: Peepers (2020)


Jasmine Calland
Jasmine Calland hopes to share the joys of movement with audiences, regardless of prior experience and will spend her time on the residency observing neighbourly solidarity in Pendle.





















Image Credit: Still from How Does It Make You Feel? (2019)




Amy Cutler
Using experimental, at times self-built, cameras and projectors, Amy Cutler draws upon her experience as a trained Geographer to investigate the production of ‘place’ as an individual and shared experience.





















Image Credit: Still from As Above, So Below / As Below, So Above (2019).

Image Source:


Lydia Griffiths
Lydia Griffiths explores light as its own artistic material and, in an effort to evoke The Sublime, will be experimenting with approaches to documenting experiences of the natural world.

















Image Credit: Gordale Scar (Yorkshire 2019)


Georgia Lomax Thorpe
Based in Hebden Bridge, with a practice that combines sound, songwriting and art, Georgia Lomax looks to intertwine sounds of Pendle Hill with stories of its residents to create an immersive audio work.











Video Credit: extract of GRIT (2018),




Eva Sajovic
Incorporating participatory social action and photographic social portraiture, Eva Sajovic begins the residency with a question: what is happening now when home is becoming the place of work?

Image Credit: Helen O'Brian, kitchen wall, Heygate estate. Part of Home From Home (2007-2010). Image courtesy of Eva Sajovic, source:


Bethany White
Exploring history, mythology and the occult, Bethany White looks to share her illustrative approach to the use of Cyanotype, a photographic printing process that can be carried out at home.



Image Credit: detail of Dispersion (2020), Cyanotype, bleach, coffee, red ink. Image courtesy of Bethany White.




Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson looks to strengthen networks of solidarity by facilitating peer-to-peer investigation methods that will inform a radical, bottom-up approach to journalism.








Andrew Wilson: Image Credit: The Eclipse (issue #01, People vs. Profit) distribution event in South Shields.



We would like to add that we were blown away by the incredible variety, volume and quality of level of the 130 applications we received. With such a high number of exciting and innovative ideas, it was so hard to whittle it down and was why we made the decision to extend it from 4 to 8 opportunities.


We wish we could do more at this time. But we would like to honour the amount of time people put into these applications. We see that times hard for artists, shifting a socially engaged practice online or to a more distanced way of working and these residencies have been designed to support artists to navigate these increasingly difficult times.


We will continue to run programmes that help artists to navigate new ways of working and work at the intersection between the artists and social transformation in the communities we are working in.


Thank you again to everyone who applied to this programme

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