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Summer School 2016 -2019

Central to the Summer School was a live design brief, to which students from the Manchester School of Architecture and Manchester Metropolitan University School of Engineering responded.


In 2016 the brief was to create a graphic installation for The Garage, highlighting the In-Situ story and its relationship to the local community and environment.

The second brief, in 2017, was to develop a mobile art space linked to Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership. This was the beginning of went on to become our HUT project and ‘Corky’ - a mobile art space - has since been made and is regularly used. In 2017’s Summer school, the plans for a drystone wall shelter to be installed on Pendle Hill were drafted. This project also went on to become a reality.

2018 took on a more practical focus,  as students designed and built a ticket booth out of recycled materials for Pendle Social Cinema. This was then used at the film festival that year.

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