Eat Your Greens

When we first went into lockdown,

We talked about different ways we could continue to engage with the Pendle landscape

We knew we couldn’t go to Pendle Hill

So, thinking about the peat pie, and food connected to the environment

We thought it would be great to do weekly, wild forage recipe blogs

Lockdown tightened and we were told to stay home.

So we couldn’t blog about wild food and where to find it as we didn’t want to be encouraging, in any way whatsoever, people leaving their homes to find wild food for free.

But now lockdown is slowly lifting and we have freedom to roam again. Even to drive and then roam.

Pendle hill is no longer closed,

However, PHLP and the Forest of Bowland strongly recommend following social distancing guidelines and advice

We are still in the midst of a Pandemic

We are not out of the woods

We still need to Stay Alert

And in a state of alertness

We can now

Go out and forage for food

Summer is fast approaching

Wild flora are growing like ‘weeds’

All over

And one of the most common and most tasty

And most versatile

Is the humble stinging nettle

The nettle can replace any recipe that calls for fresh spinach

Now, don’t be alarmed

When cooked the nettle looses its sting

Instead of a sting it is an explosion of flavour. The flavour of green

Rich, dark, green

You’ll need to be quick with this forage food, as nettles do get tough and stringy with age

But moreover, when older, and in flower, they have a mild laxative effect

So best to not use them after the month of June

Best to pick them now, before they flower

When picking, pinch out the tender, top four leaves only

The leaves grow in pairs, opposite one another,

Be sure to wear gloves – I use my washing up rubber gloves

When you get home

Give them a rinse in cold water

Pat them dry

And remove the laves from the stalk

With gloved hands

(Often I don’t bother with this, as I quite like eating the stalk too)

Then your nettle is ready to cook

Either as a straight forwards green veg, lightly sauté in oil or butter

Or in a ‘dish’

And this dish comes highly recommended

Nettle Dumplings


Nettle Gnocchi

It’s all about size and choice of accompaniment

You’ll need

800gms potato – peeled, cooked and mashed

3 handfuls of nettle leaves – chopped

2 eggs – beaten

150gms plain flour

Salt, pepper and ground nutmeg to taste

When the potatoes are mashed, allow to cool and then add all the other ingredients

Mix well

With wet hands, take small amounts of the mix and make into balls

If you make small balls, you’ll have gnocchi

Larger balls will be dumplings

Drop the balls into boiling water

Gnocchi – cook for about 5 mins. The gnocchi is ready when they rise to the surface

Dumplings – cook for 20 minutes

Drain and serve

When I make the dumplings, a eat them with poached eggs and salad

When I make the gnocchi, I cover them in sauce, for example, a rich mushroom or tomato sauce

Alternatively, a simple sage butter

Fresh sage leaves fried until crispy in butter with a bit of olive oil and salt.



For weeks so many of us have sacrificed our liberty for the good of others and ourselves

We have gone against so many of our natural instincts in order to protect one another, and the NHS

Many have lost work

Many have lost incomes

And many have lost loved ones.

Our heart and thoughts go out them

I am so proud that so many of us have held together in solidarity

Kerry Morrison

01282 617 995

Company number 08274679

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