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Open Call


In-Residence at In-Situ, Brierfield

Image: Eva Sajovic, Artist commission for This is Nelson

and British Textiles Biennial 2023

Fee: £5120
Materials Budget: £680
Travel: up to £200
Location: Brierfield, East Lancashire
Timeline: October 2023 – March 2024
Deadline: 10am, Thursday 26th October

Informal interviews: Tuesday 31th October

In-Situ In-Residence is a paid, open opportunity for you to spend creative time with us in Brierfield wandering, noticing, reflecting, and responding.

In-Residence creates the platform to present new ideas in (un)expected spaces throughout Brierfield: open and public spaces, green spaces, watercourses, community venues, homes, and spaces yet to be discovered.


This is an opportunity aimed at artists, makers and creative activists who are based in or have strong connection to Lancashire. Preference will be given to those based in East Lancashire. You don’t need to have experience of doing artist residencies to apply for this. 


We want to create a chance for you to work on something that is guided by your own interests and response to place rather than in response to a project idea from us. This opportunity will support your creative development in the context of our methodology and code of ethics. All our work is process-led in relation to people and place. 


We encourage applications from emerging artists as well as people who don’t identify as an artist but who are regularly committed to making and thinking about the world around them. You will have a chance to try out something new or experimental or test an idea that’s been waiting to be explored. In applying, you are not expected to have a concrete plan or outcome in mind: the unexpected is expected through process and encounters with and in Brierfield.


The aim of the In-Residence is to develop a vibrant and creative presence within the community; so it is anticipated that you will show a presence at In-Situ and in Brierfield and get to know some of the people who live and work here, through exploration, creation & conversation. The process is as important as the result. 

Please submit applications via email to 

Image: Foraging walk with Kristina Borg and Pete Compton for Nelson Re-Imagined

Further Information

How to Apply

5. Foraging Walk. Photo by Kristina Borg.jpg
In-Situ co-founders Paul, Kerry and William talk about the early days of the practice and how and why we work in the way we do with people and place.

39 mins
The community around In-Situ tell the story of the last ten years of working together, of the practice that has people and place at it's heart and of the impact this has had in the local area. 

15 mins
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