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Clean Clear Water

Led by Kerry Morrison, Clean Clear Water cleared a stretch of Pendle Water riverbank, removing litter and debris to reveal its potential as an exquisite site: a beauty spot. This creative art and nature restoration project unfolded with an emphasis on beauty, biodiversity, and learning. In response to conversations held with Mums2Mums, the aim of this project was to take the necessary steps to build confidence and increase independent access to nature and the AONB.


With this aim, creative, nature-focused, engagement processes will take place nearer to their homes in Nelson–within walking distance, or a short, local, bus ride. This project was a branch of Fields on Prescription and was ignited by Kirsty Rose, who was the Art Development Officer working on the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Arts council bid.

This project was funded by - Arts Council England and by Forest of Bowland

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