Zoya Siddiqui (2015)

Zoya Siddiqui
Geology of a Home


My work begins with spending extended time as a participant observer at a chosen site. I consequently record its specificities and quirks with the lens of my camera, via performative interventions that cause subtle ripples within the on-going narratives of the space. My works require interaction, engagement and collaborations with natural residents of the locality, whose social responses I capture. Many of my works record spontaneous “natural performances” within a space, as they happen. The works overall have a looped, cyclical quality – they are non-narrative narratives, both comical and frustrating, without a conclusive end but with a requirement for viewers to peer in and ponder.

At the Brierfield residency, I similarly wish to engage with local residents, particularly the “Pakistani” community there and note not only its history but also its socio-cultural nuances. I wish to spend time amongst them, and absorb their behavioral patterns. I cannot presume or foresee the resulting work and outcome, since most of my work is shaped by its immediate context, but I am aware of the process that structures most of my work. I seek to create visuals with the help of my collaborators that, in the process of their making, record the collaborators’ behaviour, that ultimately becomes the work.

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