Yes and…

What If we could build on ideas rather than find barriers to them. Could we respond ‘yes and…’ rather than ‘yes, but…’?


Yes And… investigates how a youth club could take shape when young people are encouraged to explore their creativity and speak out on the issues that matter to them. In 2016 we set up a young people’s creative culture group and sought out enthusiastic young people with exciting ideas that we could help to facilitate. Providing access to our knowledge and resources as well as our continued support, we aim to equip members with the skills and tools to realise ambitious ideas and to create their futures.

For the founding of Yes And… we worked closely with students from Nelson and Colne College. The students took the lead in a series of meetings to explore what the ideals of Yes And… would mean to them and produced an action based manifesto to articulate this.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

For the first Yes And… project, our members decided to put on an exhibition within the context of ‘Things worth fighting for’, which was inspired by the art on display at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.  They did a callout for artists and curated the exhibition themselves. They also presented some of their own work and hosted the exhibition Curve at Northlight Mill in July 2017. The event featured artwork, performances, film, and conversation with Talkaoke, to unite people through important issues such as fracking and beauty ideals.

Morag Davis, Head of Art and Design at Nelson and Colne College commented:

“We are delighted that our students have had the opportunity to work with In-Situ on the Yes And… project and we value the ongoing collaborative support that In-Situ provides for our young artists. We are committed to providing all our art and design students with exciting and challenging opportunities like this, which will support them in their university applications and career choices. The creative industries are growing in the North West, and at NCC we equip our young people with high quality industry-ready skills through working with partners like In-Situ.”

Curve was supported by PEARL, Super Slow Way, Nelson and Colne College and Lancashire County Council.


The Community Cohesion Roadshow

We took students from Marsden Heights High School on a tour of Pendle in the Yes And… Community Cohesion Vintage Bus to facilitate conversations with local residents about community and living together.

Stay tuned for announcements of future Yes And… projects on our website and Facebook page.

Yes And… was supported with funding from Lancashire County Council Cultural Partnerships and Super Slow Way.

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