What is Archaeology in 2019?

Over the summer, artists Daisy James and Hannah Kay, aka Lunchtime Practice have been working on an archaeology commission called ‘Beyond the Dig’ with In-Situ and Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership.

Their project explores “What is Archaeology in 2019” and provides hands on experiences for children and young people to learn about archaeology.

Beyond the Dig is a project that has enabled individuals from the surrounding communities of Pendle Hill to participate in a celebration of community archaeology.

Collaborating with an archaeologist, Lunchtime Practice have identified and addressed why it is necessary to continue to make discoveries in 2019 and how we can all do this.

Responding to ‘what is archaeology in 2019?’, Lunchtime Practice have learnt side by side with participants of the project. Attending workshops, they have explored the use of traditional archaeological processes, tools and language.

Reflecting on their experiences as an experiment, Lunchtime Practice have made a wide range of findings and discoveries and have designed a package of learning materials to further and encourage the knowledge of others on the topic of archaeology.

In an attempt to demonstrate the value of the experience for each individual participant participating in Beyond the Dig, Lunchtime Practice have used creative storytelling techniques to explore and identify the personal journeys of the archaeologists in training.

Using social media accounts, Lunchtime Practice have created a digital artwork to display their research. Collating information gathered through photo journaling and creative interviewing, Lunchtime Practice have designed and curated content that captures the involvement of everyone who participated in the project and what they have learnt.

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This project has been commissioned by In-Situ and Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership as part of The Gatherings. It is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England. 

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