The Faculty (2016)

The Faculty of Social Art Practice (2016), was a pilot for an alternative, multi-disciplinary learning experience for people engaged in social arts practice. 

The Faculty pilot was developed and facilitated by In-Situ (William Titley and Kerry Morrison) working collaboratively and in partnership with participatory artist, thinker and teacher, Chrissie Tiller. The model emerged from a shared interrogation of the kind of learning that might best support artists and practitioners from other disciplines wanting to engage in collaborative and social arts practice (SAP).

The pilot programme was supported by four North West CPP’s, Heart Of Glass, Super Slow Way, Left Coast and Creative Scene. Each selected six emerging practitioners from their region to participate in the non-hierarchical and collaborative pedagogic space where meaningful action and research into social arts practice took place through four weekend residentials. The curriculum was developed to examine and embrace Inter-disciplinarity, collaboration, and activism. It took a very practical and peer led learning approach through conversations exploring and critiquing socially relevant art and socially engaging practice. The cohort explored and interrogated art as process and action, examined the aesthetics and ethics of this practice, and shared ‘doing’ and ‘making’; followed by finding ways to reflect on their research and practice.

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