The Circle and the Square

Exploring the cultural and spiritual backgrounds of the community. Understanding the socio-economic circumstances that had once brought people together but now seemingly conspire to drive them apart. The Circle and The Square is the artwork created by Suzanne Lacy from the Shapes of Water Sounds of Hope process.

The Circle and the Square film features a series of performances of Shape Note and Sufi chanting, in addition to some of the 70 interviews with local residents and former mill workers which had been filmed during the three day event at Northlight mill. These multi-vocal conversations discuss the past, present and future of the region following the demise of the textile industry.

Trailer made for us by Huckleberry Films during the project.


We welcomed Suzanne back to Brierfield in September 2017 to premiere the film and the installation was accompanied by tours of the empty mill led by local community members as well as presentations of Shape Note, Dhikr Nasheed and mill ballads.​ Suzanne has had international success with The Circle and the Square which was installed at the Biennale of Sydney in 2018 and will be installed at a retrospective of the art of Suzanna Lacy in San Francisco in Spring 2019.

Commissioned by In-Situ and Super Slow Way.

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