Talking Society

Talking Society creates spaces for intercultural conversations that bring people together.

We work in close partnership to enable a dialogue in our communities through the creation of events and programmes to encourage open conversation and hear wide ranging views about local life, politics and our shared and individual experiences.

Our activities focus on conversation and celebrating the multi-cultural landscape of Nelson, irrespective of of age, gender, religion or class.


A democratic, pop-up community conversation around a table where participants set the agenda.

Talkaoke facilitates conversations across the community and with it we have discussed topics such as knife crime, unemployment, cultural identities and language, sexual health and a pledge for Pendle.

Talkaoke has popped up in town centres, Macdonalds, schools and community centres and events at The Garage.

We offer people from the community opportunities to train to facilitate conversations at regular training events.


Pendle 2050

Interactive talkshow for students and local entrepreneurs to imagine a not so distant future Pendle 

Pendle 2050 is a talking event that gathers community leaders entrepreneurs from local businesses and students from Pendle schools and colleges to collectively imagine Pendle in a not-so-distant future and consider the challenges for employment and economic growth.

Based around a talk show format and led by artist Mikey Weinkove of The People Speak, groups are given themes to discuss around topics such as the future of work. They then present problems and solutions to a panel. 

Talking Society is an intercultural community programme co-created by Building Bridges and In-Situ.

Talkaoke is the creation of artist Mikey Weingove of The People Speak. We work with Talkaoke to facilitate Talking Society.

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