Pendle Hill Summit Stones

Twelve carved stones created by artist Henrietta Armstrong will be buried around the trig point at the Pendle Hill summit.

Launching in early 2019 is Summit Stones by Henrietta Armstrong. Twelve large, multi-faceted stones, some cast out of cement and some carved out of locally sourced limestone are currently being fabricated. Each stone will be engraved with designs relating to different aspects about the hill influenced by creative sessions with local community groups.

These will be transported up to the summit and partially buried around the trig point. The mysterious objects will remain underground, until the ground around them slowly erodes and they are revealed once again to be discovered by archaeologists of the future.

The project draws on symbolism, geology, ancient rituals and traditions. In addition to the installation, Henrietta also encourages a new ritual of laying one stone and taking the last one left, creating an ongoing chain of connections on the hill, much like cultural storytelling.


The work is a new commission for In-Situ and Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership, funded by LEADER Trust.

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