Save our Signal Box

Saving our signal box to preserve our heritage!


In late 2013, we learned of plans to demolish Brierfield’s signal box: the last remaining Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway example of the Saxby & Farmer Type 8 (1876). Many people across Brierfield were saddened by this news and the forthcoming loss of another part of the town’s heritage. And so our campaign to save the signal box began.


Save our Signal Box in Brierfield SOS

We knew that demolition was inevitable; progress is inevitable.

Our plan of action was to postpone demolition, giving time to organise salvaging and storing of the signal box so that we could rebuild it at a later date.

To our delight, Network Rail supported us, and we were successful in salvaging the windows, roof, and internal signalling mechanisms, all of which are now in storage at Northlight Mill.

Scale drawings to submit into Planning were prepared by local architect Andrew Hawthorn.

Pendle Borough Council and PEARL supported our actions and plans to rebuild the signal box and offered a patch of land adjacent to Platform 2. Just short of what was required we approached Network Rail to request land in their ownership next to this site. This was greed in principle. However, land transactions must go to consultation to, among others, HS2. We are still awaiting the outcome of this consultation process…

Sadly, without the necessary amount of land we are unable to move forward with fundraising and consequently the rebuilding of Brierfield’s signal box.

However, we have not given up. We now have the support of our MP, Andrew Stevenson, who is working to improve Pendle rail connections. The signal box is part of this vision.

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