Pendle 2050: Future of Work

Interactive talkshow for students and local entrepreneurs to imagine the future of employment in Pendle


Earlier this month, we hosted Pendle 2050: Future of Work in Nelson with our colleagues at Building Bridges. The event gathered leaders from local businesses and students from Pendle schools and colleges to collectively imagine Pendle in a not-so-distant future and consider the challenges for employment and economic growth.

Based around a talk show format and led by artist Mikey Weinkove of The People Speak, groups were given themes to discuss on the future of work. They then presented problems and solutions to a panel of community leaders.

The Challenges

Ten themes were taken from local vox pops with people of all ages. These included Tourism, Diversity, Innovation, Motivation, Connectivity and Automation.

Suggestions ranged from providing greater access to diverse languages and creative subjects at GCSE, presenting alternative narratives about Pendle, offering more apprenticeships and better marketing of local jobs to young people. There was also a proposal for an innovation hub for to foster links between schools, future employers and future technology.

It’s a great opportunity to get the message across that young people are going to have to be more innovative in the future to prepare them for work and their flexible skills will be vital in gaining employment.” Lara Oddie of Oddie’s Bakery


“It was very good and challenging, I learnt about what our future looks like and how to do things in the future for work or college.” Aislan Toriq, Student, Marsden Heights


These discussions will be taken forward over the coming months as we continue to forge links across Pendle between businesses and young people, encouraging greater dialogue and opportunities for mutual support in tackling some of the big economic challenges for our developing region.

This event was the second of a series of talking events called Pendle 2050. It is led by partners In-Situ and Building Bridges in Pendle, supported by Pendle Council #makeitinpendle and Super Slow Way

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