Pendle 2050: Future of Work

An event exploring the Future of Work in Pendle as part of Talking Society: PENDLE 2050

Tuesday 26th March 9am- 12.00pm
ACE Centre, Cross Street, Nelson, BB9 7NN

A specialist workshop looking into employment and business aspirations, with young people, businesses and entrepreneurs coming together to realise shared ambitions and tackle challenges in creating a prosperous Pendle.

Join us in what promises to be a thought provoking and interactive workshop where young people and the local Business sector will share the same platform and engage in an essential local initiative.


This is an excellent opportunity for students to debate and contribute their views, the activity, supports your school Careers programme for Gatsby benchmarks 1,2,4,5 and provides an excellent platform to debate the local skills agenda for business students.

To find out more email [email protected]

Local Businesses

As a business owner in Pendle have you thought about what your business will look in 30 years? What are the jobs available and who will work for you?

We would love your input working along side young people and the young people would gain lots from your experience and thoughts. Your involvement is both essential and greatly valued. Come together to support yourself, business, young people and Pendle

This event is led by partners In-Situ and Building Bridges in Pendle, supported by Pendle Borough Council, Make it in Pendle and Super Slow Way

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