Connecting Brierfield Railway Station / Robert Parkinson and Sam Rushton

Artists Robert Parkinson and Sam Rushton are currently working with In-Situ on a project at Brierfield Railway Station


Between July and January, they will be working in the area and with communities to create a number of interventions around the station and nearby that activate transport routes.


The project, co-commissioned by In-Situ and Connecting East Lancashire will improve the visibility and experience of Brierfield Railway Station, to promote the public transport network and active travel routes leading towards it, including walkways, cycle, rail and canal routes. It is part of a larger programme of work developing the area around Brierfield Railway station and Northlight.


Robert Parkinson and Sam Rushton are based in East Lancashire. Their work incorporates a range of disciplines and has a focus on community engagement and research.They have produced projects with communities across the UK for over ten years, including Preston is my Paris, Hull: City of Culture and supported by Open Eye Gallery, Whitworth, Baltic, MIF, British Council and BBC.


This project is commissioned by In-Situ in partnership with Connecting East Lancashire. Partner Organisations for this project include but not exclusive to Barnfield Construction, Burnley FC in the Community, East Lancashire Community Rail, Friends of Pendle Stations, In-Situ, Lancashire Adult Learning Centre, Lancashire County Council, Network Rail, Northern Rail, and Pendle Borough Council.

Northlight Development

The catalyst for this project has been the wider regeneration of Brierfield and in particular, Northlight. A Grade II Listed Cotton Mill of some 372,000 sq foot; the Mill has undergone a £32m investment to create a flagship mixed use development which offers a place to live, work and relax. It is intended that the Mill will lead to around 600 people using the Mill for work, 150 living on site and several hundred visiting the estate for sports and cultural purposes.

Connecting East Lancashire

Connecting East Lancashire is a project funded by the Department for Transport with the purpose of:

  • Broadening travel horizons;
  • Increasing physical activity & wellbeing;
  • Reducing congestion & carbon emissions to improve air quality and the local environment;
  • Enable more people to access employment, training & education.

The project engages with a wide range of businesses, local organisations and communities to support these objectives.

One of the priorities of Connecting East Lancashire is to promote and encourage active travel (walking, cycling and use of public transport). As part of the project, an audit of the railway stations within East Lancashire was undertaken, which included a review of Brierfield Railway Station, where the potential for growth at the railway station was identified.

Adjacent to the railway station is Brierfield Mill which has recently seen the opening of premises to its first organisations – Lancashire Adult Learning Centre, In-Situ and Burnley FC in the Community. There is further expansion anticipated in the future at the mill to include housing, hotel facilities and premises for other businesses.

Further south of the railway station and Brierfield Mill, the area has a wide range of new housing, which is on-going and excellent access to the canal network – also possible from the mill itself. Northwards from the railway station is the town centre and access to local amenities via the railway bridge (Bridge Street) for walking traffic as well as the road from the railway station

Connecting East Lancashire project has an ambition to develop a community engagement project; to look at how this can support the ambiance and ‘feel’ of the area around the railway station, sign the access and work with other interested local organisations to make a positive difference.  

Partner Organisations

Partner Organisations for this project include but not exclusive to Barnfield Construction, Burnley FC in the Community, East Lancashire Community Rail, Friends of Pendle Stations, In-Situ, Lancashire Adult Learning Centre, Lancashire County Council, Network Rail, Northern Rail, and Pendle Borough Council.

Brierfield Railway Station

Brierfield railway station serves the small town of Brierfield, Lancashire, England and is on the East Lancashire Line 2 1⁄4 miles (3.6 km) east of Burnley Central railway station towards Colne (the terminus). The station is managed by Northern, who also provide all passenger trains serving it. The station is unstaffed and only has basic facilities (no waiting room, just a shelter and a modern ticket vending machine), though there are passenger information screens, timetable posters and a long-line PA system in place to provide train running information. The platform has step-free access from the adjoining street. Network Rail owns the railway infrastructure and determines the timetable. The station is well looked after by the friends of the Friends of Pendle Railway Stations.

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