Associate Artist Andy Abbott explores the future of work in Pendle through immersive digital technology.

In 2018, we were commissioned by Pendle Borough Council to create an artist-led series of films introducing secondary school pupils to the workplace as part of their #makeitinpendle campaign.

Working with our Associate Artist Andy Abbott, In-Situ filmed in the workplaces of five leading local creative manufacturers; Silent Night, Hope Technologies, Higherford Mill, Fence Gate and Lodge and Barnfield Construction.

The immersive films, viewed through virtual reality headsets, each feature a 360 degree tour of workplaces by business owners and staff, including the factory floor, professional kitchen, artist studio and technology lab.

These films will be used as a first step prior to work experience, for secondary school pupils thinking about future careers in Pendle.

VR Still: Barnfield Construction
Image : Andy Abbott
VR Still, Fence Gate and Lodge
Image: Andy Abbott

As an Associate Artist, he will now take these as the starting point for a wider piece of immersive, digital work that explores the Future of Work in Pendle and Lancashire, bringing local young people and businesses into a dialogue around unemployment and careers.

This project continues to develop our recent work with community organisation Building Bridges. Under our shared #talkingsociety programme, we have co-hosted a series of digital talking events Pendle 2050 – bringing people together to imagine a not so distant future Pendle.

VR Still, Higherford Mill artists studios
Image : Andy Abbott

Artist Andy Abbott creates immersive digital experience that connect people and place. His recent social projects include Lutopia (2018) – an immersive video game environment with local people in Luton combining a fantasy and real life versions of the town, What the Walls Say, Oxford (2018)  and Centre for Dark Matter, Wakefield (2016).


Andy Abbott is an Associate Artist at In-Situ. He creates immersive digital experience that connect people and place. His latest project, Lutopia, is a community led, futuristic revisioning of Luton using VR technology.

VR Still: Hope Technologies
Image : Andy Abbott

Commissioned by Pendle Borough Council as part of #makeitinpendle

In-Situ acknowledges the support of the five featured businesses; Silent Night, Barnfield Construction, Fence Gate and Lodge, Higherford Mill and Hope Technologies. 

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