Make a Noise

Breaking the silence to make a noise. Make a Noise is a project teaching young people new skills and help find a voice to be expressed individually and as part of a community.


Meeting regularly with young people, we found that there was a demand for creative activities, which currently do not exist in the local area. Young people in Pendle are keen to learn new skills and so we tackled this tendency of the area to be a coldspot for such activity and provided creative opportunities with Make a Noise. In this process we were inspired by the idea of making noise in a library despite the expectation of silence.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Working with artists from More MusicStreet Style Surgery and Art Locates Me, we delivered a series of taster workshops in libraries around Pendle to introduce local young people to the activities they wanted to try out. These activities included fashion design, music making, digital arts and filmking and street dance.


With the support of More Music in Morcambe, we began a 12 month Youth Music programme in January 2015 to bring more music opportunities to this part of Lancashire. We held a variety of music workshops and welcomed high school students of all backgrounds and abilities to have a go at what looked fun to them. We encouraged complete novices to try something new, from playing instruments to digital music production, songwriting to spoken word. It was an opportunity to learn about the music and instruments of different cultures, build confidence, and develop creative skills.

We also ran two week-long band-making courses and discovered that many of the young people already playing instruments lived quite close to each other, but they had just never met. We made introductions and formed bands so that they could share in their creative process and enjoy playing together. These courses ran during August 2015 and 2016 in Colne Library and concluded with a live gig to showcase the original material as part of Colne R&B Festival. For many this was their first time performing in front of a crowd and they all did a fantastic job!

While creativity can often be an independent venture, it is also valuable that we have the opportunity to work with others and enjoy a shared experience. With this in mind, our sessions shifted focus between the individual and the group. A particularly excellent case of this came from our spoken word workshops. The students learned the necessary skills together as a group but then explored their writing individually before coming back to collaborate with each other.

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