Jin Bells (2016)

Jin Bells
101 Invisible Homes (2016)



My practice is primarily performance based and I work in conventional theatre settings as a director as well as in more unconventional, often public, settings as a performance artist. In my theatre practice, I am currently directing a production of two plays by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck, Interior and The Intruder, with a cast of six actors in Manchester. In my performance practice, I am currently undertaking a long-term research and performance project into devising new forms of political protest.


My practice largely consists of impulsive, spontaneous performance actions.


101 Invisible Homes

With In-Situ, I have undergone a five-month long project called ‘101 Invisible Homes’ which hoped to raise questions about, and remember, the history of a brownfield site in Brierfield where 101 homes once stood before they were demolished as part of the New Labour’s Housing Market Renewal policy.


I have attempted to carry out, with the help of fellow artists and members of the public, performances or actions around Brierfield – 1 performance for each house that was demolished at the now-empty Clitheroe Road site in Brierfield.


Through this project, I hoped to open discussion and conversation about the history of the site and its future. A ‘performance’ could have been be as simple as mowing the grass; anyone was welcome to try their hand or make suggestions.

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