Taking the time and space to understand our sense of place. In-Fusion made rickshaws the vehicle to explore our cultural landscape. Conversations with local communities informed the design of vehicles which we displayed around Brierfield to provide insight into how we live and work together.


In-Fusion was a two year project to learn about the different communities that live, work, and have moved to Pendle. We wanted to get a better understanding of what the coming together of those different communities looks like and consider what kind of cultural aesthetic is developing within our towns and villages. Two of our emerging practitioners, Hannah Stringer and Zara Zaghir, took the lead for In-Fusion on their residency which started in 2015. They worked in and around Brierfield to investigate the different ways that people use language and go about their daily lives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Hannah and Zara engaged widely across the community and wanted to hear about people’s different experiences of belonging and safety in order to learn more about the richly diverse cultural landscape of this area. Inspired by these stories, they then created new modes of transport as a cultural mashup that explore the aesthetics of our community. The result was a collection of bespoke rickshaws. Each one was adapted according to a particular narrative and was situated in a relevant location around Brierfield. The rickshaws mapped the experiences and activities of different residents throughout the town and the artists then conducted a geocaching tour as part of Festival on Wheels, pointing out sites of interest and telling the stories behind each rickshaw along the way.

The project was accompanied by an artist book which tells the stories of the Rickshaws and the people they met during the course of In-Fusion. The book asks ‘What belongs? Who belongs? Why?’ and tackles a range of themes including time, space, language, food and family relationships.

In-Fusion was funded by LCC Cultural Partnerships.

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