Helmut Lemke (2016 – 18)

Helmut Lemke


ISBCA Radio is In-Situ Briefield Community Art Radio, a project set up by Helmut Lemke with the aim to provide a platform for any local person interested in sharing stories, learning about how to become a presenter, using various pieces of sound equipment and so on… It is a unique platform for discussing and solving local issues, highlighting local causes for celebration and more!

if FEET have EARS

January to March 2013

Project Website: off-sound-in-situ.tumblr.com


if FEET have EARS
how would you know????

​Sounds of BRIERFIELD:

People – step, walk, run, sing, shout, talk, whistle …….voices,
Traffic – bicycle, car, bus, van …..
Weather – wind, rain, snow ….
Ground – aspalt, concrete, earth, grass, tarmac….
Nature – river, bird, sheep, dog, cat, tree, leave, flower, meadow, grass ….

If feet have EARS is Helmut walking around Brierfield -as close to the town borders as possible- and listening.
He keeps records of the Sounds he encounters through audio recordings, drawings, writing, photography and video.

whack, whir, wheeze, whine, sputter, splat, squirt, scrape, clink, clank, clunk, clatter, crash,
bang, beep, buzz, ring, rip, roar, retch, twang, toot, tinkle, thud, pop, plop, plunk, pow, snort,
snuck, sniff, smack, screech, splash, squish, squeak, jingle, rattle, squeal, boing, honk, hoot,
hack, belch

•bloop •splash•sprinkle



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