Forever Flowing

What if the efforts of the few are not enough to clear our waters of the waste that pollutes them?

Forever Flowing is a performance piece led by Kerry Morrison, working with Joe Hesketh in 2014. The film highlights the plight and the futile efforts of two women to make amends. Setting off from Barrowford and Brierfield each makes their way through the river to meet at Victoria Park in Nelson, collecting litter along the way.

Artists: Kerry Morrison and Joe Hesketh
Running time: 4 minutes 15 seconds
Directors: Kerry Morrison & Luca Rudlin
Production company: People Staring

Forever Flowing
In Pendle Water
Plastics entwined in branches, along the banks, caught on driftwood, stuck under rocks, trapped on the bed, bobbing on the surface.
All manner of waste from sweet wrappers to shopping trolleys; drink bottles, cans, and industrial containers; pipes, wheels, tyres, and plastics; bikes and mopeds; and more are forever flowing into Pendle. Water from our lives; destroying waters, rivers and oceans.

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