Fill the Mill

Filling the mill with art, activity and fun to spark conversations and challenge preconceptions.


Fill The Mill was a creative explosion of socially engaged events, installations and performances. In-Situ partnered with Pendle Movie Makers and The Challenge Network to produce the artworks that were showcased during this heritage open day event at Northlight in September 2015.

There was an incredible atmosphere over the entire weekend which saw the mill filled with skateboarders, urban artists, photographers, sculptors, film-makers, film-watchers, bell-ringers, and good-news-bringers. Particular highlights for In-Situ included the launches of Ringing in the Good News and the second installation of Rain Sheds Light.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Plank Factory 

Northlight was also transformed into a skate park over the Fill the Mill weekend. Local artists, Lisa Scarlet Ryan and Oliver Blight worked in association with In-Situ on an ambitious project to change the local community’s perceptions of skateboarding and skate art.

They created a pop-up skate park for visitors, young and old, to try out and brought together the varied works of leading artists, designers, and makers from the skate scene. The mill was buzzing with the sound of urethane on concrete while members of the local community were pleasantly surprised at the range of art on offer. Many were especially wowed watching three of the country’s best graffiti / street artists create giant murals on the walls of the mill while conversations with skaters encouraged new understandings and more positive perceptions of graffiti, the career possibilities within skateboarding, and the skill levels required.

We had some fantastic feedback from those who visited

‘great to see the mill full of people again’

‘what an excellent use for an abandoned building; there should be a skate park here every weekend’

‘best fun I have had in ages’

‘the art was so varied and of such a high quality’

‘travelled from Blackpool and it was well worth the visit; so much to see’

‘great place, great exhibition, great skate’

The exhibitors

► Big Woody’s Skateshop (Blackpool)

► High Rollers – pop-up skate park

► Lisa Scarlet Ryan – conceptual artist & textile designer

► Oliver Blight – fine artist

► The Splinter Cell – woodwork

► Teo Surman – graphic artist

► One Punch Clothing

► James White – sculpture fine artist

► Curfew – live music duo

► Joe Moore – professional skater and film maker

► Kevin Broadbent – photographer

► Struktr Works – woodworking sculpture

► Tony Wood – poet

► Thom Bleasdale – photographer

► Andrea Carroll – photographer

► Leigh StAnford Redhead – street artist

► Marcus Method – street artist

► Christian Fenn – street artist

► Mark Fos – skateboard graphic design artist

► Dog Brew – singer & songwriter

► Dano Vojtek – artist

► Ingrid Pollard – visual artist

► Zoya Siddiqui – visual artist

► In-Situ

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