Dishing the Dirt

Giving thought to the things we eat. Dishing the Dirt is a performance meal created by Kerry Morrison with local food activist and FoodRiot chef Gill Watson.


In 2015 ​Kerry and Gill took diners on a culinary adventure through sustainable food with ingenious seven course menu made up of mainly food that can be foraged. Every ingredient was carefully selected to give a fascinating and thought provoking insight into the food. The meal was full of surprises and definitely not one for the faint hearted.

The banquet was accompanied by special contributions throughout including:

  • Sounds of what we’re eating – Helmut Lemke
  • Vegan taxidermist tales – Nicola Jane Hebson
  • A world of life in soil – Dr Charlie Clutterbuck;
  • Projections to aid digestions – Luca Rudlin.


Dishing the Dirt was commissioned by Left Coast as a part of Banquet: artists and communities celebration of food and the joy of eating together.

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