40 @ 40

We find 40 people turning 40 and together we celebrate 40 years of Pendle.


Turning 40 is a significant milestone in our lives. Whether we want to or not, we inevitably reflect on what we have or haven’t achieved in our 40 years, and then begin to set goals for the next 40. 2014 marked 40 years since the establishment of Pendle Borough Council, the moving of Nelson Library to its current location, and the twinning of Pendle with Creil in France. It was even our very own Paul Hartley’s 40th birthday that year!


To commemorate we collaborated with sculptor Philippe Handford to track down 40 people who were born in 1974. These people were invited to donate artifacts and be photographed by Phillippe, who created a unique 40 @ 40 art installation inspired by everybody’s contributions. The installation and portraits were then displayed in Nelson Town Centre for the town to enjoy.

This brief moment in Pendle’s history was also captured in a printed book which displays the portraits, interviews and artifacts gathered through the course of the project. The majority of participants were residents of Pendle but we did also manage to find some at a festival in Creil that year.

40 @ 40 was a funded by Arts Council England
Phillippe’s project was funded by money from the Nelson Mary Portas project.

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